A response to Mid-Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston as he declares his constituents don’t want a Europe that is currently “too big, too bossy and too interfering”.

Today, Europe faces a string of terrorist threats, a refugee crisis, a financial recession and military threats towards its Eastern border. Obviously, co-operation is key.
   The union which Mr Huddleston calls “too big, too bossy and too interfering” is responsible for keeping our environment clean, lowering the cost of healthcare, allowing us to move around nation states freely and safely as well as fighting crime and protecting national borders.
   Mr Huddleston, you do not speak for me. I have no doubt that we both want what’s best for Britain and Europe, but how can we expect to live in a more democratic and diverse EU if Britain retreats to minimal membership or even a Brexit? I believe in increased social and economic integration because I am a European.
   We cannot live in our national boxes anymore waving the flag of nationalism. The outside world is changing and Britain has to respond to that change.
   Staying in Europe and campaigning for reform is better for all. It is something we should be proud of.

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