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For most of us, Westminster politics is a confrontational and phony piece of theatre. PMQs is nothing more than a rabble of ministers who roll about, unable to answer public questions and unwilling to participate in meaningful debate. Led by an unhelpful and jeering Prime Minister, it does nothing to improve the already dangerous status of the British political system as ineffective, secluded and increasingly irrelevant to most in society. Regardless of your political opinions, these actions are harmful. So what’s the remedy? How about a proper voting system, votes at sixteen, an elected House of Lords, a written constitution and proper devolution to local authorities? Empowering the people and local government of Mid Worcestershire would be a start. Without serious reform, a new generation will reject the political process and we will be left with a serious vacuum of opinion and ideas. If Britain wants a more efficient system of rule, then Westminster must embrace sweeping changes to its current state of affairs. Everyone would benefit but hey, maybe that’s too sensible an idea for the Westminster system to either adopt or understand. 

One thought on “Westminster is a national embarrassment. We must embrace change.

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