Since the 2008 financial crisis and the EU’s near implosion following ‘Brexit’, far-right populism, xenophobic and divisive politics have swept across the continent.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that the people of Europe come together and share our experiences and ideas for creating a united European community.

‘I’m for Europe’ is a platform to achieve this.

What are the movement’s objectives?

  • For like-minded Europeans to form new contacts and links across the continent, organising social events, political debates and campaigns which focus on social justice, diversity and tackling the growing xenophobic, racist and nationalist anger which is tearing up European achievements and forcing its ctizens to turn on one another.
  • To scrutinize government action and legislation concerning European integration.
  • To campaign for the democratization of the European Union’s central political institutions.
  • Educate Europeans about the importance of the EU to maintaning peace and economic prosperity.
  • Challenge common misconceptions concerning the EU, often fuelled by an inaccurate media and in some cases, national governments. In short, ‘I’m For Europe’ could become a sort of ‘People’s Watchdog’.
  • Protect the rights of individual Europeans and the core values of the EU.
  • To examine possible routes to further European integration – including a look towards European Federalism. 

In short,

  1. Encourage new friendships and social ties between Europeans.
  2. Challenge abuses of power and common misconceptions about the European Union.
  3. Provide clearer explanations about the work of the European Union to its citizens.
  4. Bring together like-minded Europeans and their talents for the positive and constructive goal of promoting common understanding, diversity and respect for one another.
  5. Demand the democratization of central EU institutions before they disintegrate.

So whoever you are, no matter where you are from, please, join ‘I’m For Europe’ if you care about protecting the single createst political achievement in Europe’s history.

Because only together, can we win.


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