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Every Tuesday in March, Democratic presidential hopefuls will face huge numbers of registered party supporters as they vote for the first time on who they want to run against Donald Trump for the presidency in November.

Over four weeks, this podcast will discuss how candidates are being received on the statewide, national and international stage. What are the challenges ahead? Are any voter trends emerging? Where are the campaigns most vulnerable? Do candidates have the right political infrastructure around them? Who, if anyone, has a chance of retaking the White House later this year?

Here are the delegates up for grabs:

  • 3rd March – SUPER TUESDAY – 1344 delegates
  • 10th March – 365 delegates
  • 17th March – 577 delegates
  • 24th March – 105 delegates

The podcast will be made avaliable on the Wednesday immediately following each week’s contest.

Stay tuned to tomparkin.org to hear more.

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