I host the Talk With Tom Parkin podcast. 

Who is the podcast for?

Talk With Tom Parkin is a short sub-10 minute podcast on news, politics, culture, film, art and literature. It’s for an intelligent audience who want to know what’s going on behind the headlines. On the move? Commuting to work? This is the podcast for you.

Some episodes will break down a complex political crisis. Others will focus on an individual author, social movement, documentary, election, artist, philosopher or moment in history. Whatever the topic, this podcast aims to be engaging, informative and clear.

How can I support the podcast?

Writing and producing this podcast is great fun, but also hard work and costly! If you’d like to support the continuation of the site, then simply chipping in the cost of a cup of coffee would make the world of difference!

Please also consider sharing the podcast with your friends and family on social media.