TOM PARKIN: ‘Becoming’ – Michelle Obama – Netflix Review


Tom Parkin is a Liberal Democrat activist from Sheffield and editor of Liberal Base. He runs a personal blog at and can be found on Twitter @tompjparkin.

Michelle Obama - Wikipedia
As with her autobiography, the documentary gives Michelle Obama the space to tell her own story, framed not by her husbands resume, the Democratic Party or Washington.

‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ This is certainly true of former First Lady Michelle Obama. For those seeking a reminder of life before the Trump administration, look no further. ‘Becoming’ on Netflix follows Obama’s autobiography of the same name, which in March 2019 sold over ten million copies.

But for those expecting this authorised work to be a job application for the 2020 Vice-Presidential nomination, you’re in for a dissapointment. The final cut comes across as a purposeful end to a former life. Obama herself declares the pre-presidential years…

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