TOM PARKIN: A Future For The Liberal Democrats

The questions I believe we should ask our leadership candidates in the 2020 race: More on narrative and electoral objectives and less on policy.


Tom Parkin is a Liberal Democrat activist and prospective candidate for Sheffield City Council. He is the editor of Liberal Base and blogs at He Tweets @tompjparkin

Tom (fourth from right) on the campaign trail in Sheffield with Layla Moran and fellow members of the Sheffield Liberal Democrats.

As the Liberal Democrat leadership contest rolls on, it is clear both Ed Davey and Layla Moran are eager to shift our policy platform to a greener and more radical position.

Let’s be clear. The election of a new figurehead will not in itself boost our standing in the opinion polls. Nor is it a matter of identifying the perfect policy combination to regain the seats lost since 2015. The internal reforms needed are urgent, wide-ranging and long-standing. There is no quick fix and we mustn’t expect our fortunes to change overnight. 

Here, I set out a three stage…

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