Crookes Canvassing Session – Sheffield Lib Dems

On a very rainy Wednesday afternoon, the Sheffield team were out again, this time in Crookes, canvassing to get Bex Atkinson elected to the City Council in May. Bex runs a zero-waste shop on Crookes high street and runs as a Green Liberal Democrat. Her experience as a local business person and environmental activist is … Continue reading Crookes Canvassing Session – Sheffield Lib Dems

Climate Change: Who pays?

Thoughts on BBC Radio 4's debate 'The Global Philosopher'. BBC News Summary. Click here to listen to the debate. As the human race burns through more oil fields and woodlands, polluting the ocean, dumping waste and flooding inhabited land, it makes sense to ask the question: 'who pays for climate change?' For too long, leaders … Continue reading Climate Change: Who pays?